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Custom Processing

Beef Slaughter $70.00

Pig Slaughter $40.00

Lamb Slaughter $40.00

Processing Charge $0.70 lb. (Include, Cutting, Wrapping, and Freezing)

Smoking Charge $1.00 lb.

Slicing $0.80 lb.

Patties $0.85 lb. (30 lb. Minimum)

Boxes $2.00 each (if returned you get your money back)

When having bacon or ham smoked with pig processing slicing and cutting is included in the smoking charge.

When booking an animal for slaughter we do require a deposit that is a non-refundable deposit. The deposit does come off your bill at but, if you cancel or no-show you do not get it back. The deposit is the cost of slaughter, see pricing above. Thank you for understanding.

Here are the cutting slips for beef and pork. If you have any question about filling them out just give us a call. See something on there that you would like us to cut just call and write it on there and we can try to cut it.

Below are the Ambulatory papers for cattle and pigs. This has to be filled out per USDA request. If you can’t print or forget to bring it with we have them here for you to fill out.

Want pork or beef and can’t find a farmer we sell whole or half.

Whole Beef $2.85 lb.

Half Beef $2.90 lb.

Mixed Quarter Beef $2.95 lb.

Whole Pig $2.30 lb.

Half Pig $2.35 lb.

Includes: Cutting, wrapping, and freezing. Slaughter and smoking is extra. (prices are based on market price)

*all prices subject to change

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